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Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toy - Round & Round Goes Mr. Bear

Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toy - Round & Round Goes Mr. Bear

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Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toy - Round & Round Goes Mr. Bear is wall train toy with gearsFeel the gears go click-clack as train wheels spin and entertain your little for hours!

  • Entertain your Little ones for hours with this engaging toy of action and movement.
  • Feel the gears go click-clack as train wheels spin.
  • Stimulates hand-eye coordination and learn cause & effect as your tot observes the rotating gears.
  • Convert your walls into a playground for kids!
  • Easy peel & stick wall toys.

Suitable for ages 2+ years.

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Made With Love 

Product meets and exceeds ASTM and EN standards.

Toys Stick Well On 

Raw wood, painted wood, laminates, dry walls and most smooth surfaces.

Don't Stick Well On 

Textured painted walls and rough surfaces.


  • Product:
    • L: 9.5in | 24.1 cm
    • H: 10in | 25.4cm
    • Weight: 0.31lbs | 140g
  • Packaging:
    • L: 10.6in | 27cm
    • W: 1.4in | 3.5cm 
    • H: 12in | 30.5cm
    • Weight: 0.67lbs | 303g

De-clutter while you Play

Both fun and space-saving, VertiPlay toys are the ultimate must-have for any modern home.

Premium-quality Wooden Toys

High quality natural wood gives VertiPlay toys a premium look and feel.


Eye-catching colors and tasteful design make VertiPlay toys a striking addition to any play-space or nursery




Do the toys stick on all surfaces?

We find that the toys stick best on flat surfaces. On textured or uneven surfaces, the toys may slip as the adhesion is not as strong.

Does wall paint make a difference to how well the toys stick?

Yes, is it best to avoid walls with poor quality paint or multiple coats of paint as the toys will not stick as well.

Can the toys be removed from the wall and pasted again?

Yes! We’ve designed them so that you can remove and stick them back 3 to 4 times without affecting the sticking ability.

Can I buy just the film?

Unfortunately not. The film and the wooden portion of the toy are designed and sold as one unit.

What kind of wood is used in the toys?

Solid beechwood, responsibly-sourced from sustainable forests. (All our wood suppliers are certified by IFSC) 

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