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Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Body Lotion - Very Sensitive Skin, 200ml (exp 11/26)

Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Body Lotion - Very Sensitive Skin, 200ml (exp 11/26)

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Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Body Lotion for Very Sensitive Skin is a soothing moisturizing lotion for baby's body, from birth on including newborns out of the NICU. It has proven efficacy in hydrating, strengthening baby skin, and soothes even fragile and immature baby skins.

  • Provides an immediate, long-lasting moisturizing effect on baby's skin.
  • Soothes to improve the appearance and sensations of tingling and tightness associated with very sensitive skin.
  • Protective second-skin texture.
  • Light and fluid texture, designed for baby's body care.
  • Leaves the baby skin soft.

Recommended for babies 0+ months.

This item is a part of Mustela’s Very Sensitive Skin range. Mustela offers the 1st complete line of fragrance-free skincare and cleansing products designed to soothe very sensitive babies’ and children’s skin from birth on. Formulated with a complex of patented natural ingredients, these products have a very light texture that serves as a protective second skin, moisturizing and protecting the skin barrier, providing soothing relief and helping to reduce symptoms of a skin reaction.

Very Sensitive Skin

Very sensitive skin affects 1 in 3 children. Such skin may overreact to stresses such as the environment, chemicals or rubbing from diapers or clothing. Their skin reddens easily and feelings of tingling and tightness are felt.

Mustela’s fragrance-free Very Sensitive range guarantees high tolerance, containing 98% ingredients of natural origin including Avocado Perseose® and Schizandra to soothe/prevent visible redness, tingling and tightness. Formulated with 0% fragrance, paraben, phthalate and phenoxyethanol. Each skin type deserves its own Mustela care, so choose the right skincare for your baby!

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Apply this soothing moisturizing lotion every morning and evening on your baby's body.




Made by Nature

Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Body Lotion is a daily baby body lotion that protects and relieves your baby's sensitive skin. Our fragrance-free formula is specifically designed for babies and children with very sensitive, rashy or reactive skin.

Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Body Lotion penetrates effortlessly to deliver immediate and long-lasting moisture.

Composed of 97% natural ingredients including Avocado Perseose, a patented natural ingredient specifically designed designed specifically to help protect and hydrate your baby's delicate skin, and Schizandra, a berry extract that soothes tingling and tightness, while working to improve the skin's appearance.

Use Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Body Lotion in conjunction with Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Face Cream for complete hydration.

Paraben, Phthalate, and Phenoxyethanol-free.

Hypoallergenic: specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

Tested under pediatric and dermatological control.

Safe for both moms and babies while breastfeeding (2).


Safe for Mom and Baby

Mustela is committed to safety first and foremost as we know there is nothing more precious than your baby. To ensure the safety of our products, all Mustela products are developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals, based on scientific research, hypoallergenic* and free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates or alcohol.

*formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reaction

Clinically Tested: Under dermatological and pediatric control to ensure efficacy and safety.

Hypoallergenic: Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

Fragrance-Free Fragrance-free to minimize the risk of irritation. Developed especially for extremely sensitive skin types.

Natural Ingredients: At the core of each Mustela product is the belief that nature knows best. All of our products favour ingredients that are either natural or of natural origin.

Eco-Friendly: All of our products are made from plant-based ingredients and we believe in preserving biodiversity. As such, we require that all Mustela suppliers incorporate sustainable development practices as part of that commitment.


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