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Munchkin Color Buddies Moisturizing Bath Bombs & Toy Dispenser Set

Munchkin Color Buddies Moisturizing Bath Bombs & Toy Dispenser Set

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Munchkin Color Buddies Moisturizing Bath Bombs & Toy Dispenser Set is a bath bomb and bath bomb dispenser set. Color Buddies™ are kid-friendly bath bombs that infuse water with clean, multihued fun. Made with natural skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin E and shea butter, our colorful bath bombs are moisturizing and safe for kids (grownups, too!). Simply drop the bath bombs into the dispenser of choice, fasten the safety cap, immerse in water and watch as colors fizz and bloom.

  • Educate and entertain little ones with color changing bath water
  • Set of 20 colorful bath bombs (4 Blue, 4 Pink,  4 Yellow, 4 Purple) and 2 dispenser toys (1 pufferfish, 1 whale)
  • Nontoxic, non-staining, and easy to clean
  • Bath bombs contain nourishing Vitamin E and shea butter
  • Mix and match bath bombs to create new colors
  • Adorable whale and puffer fish bath toy dispensers double as floating bath strainers
  • Safety caps keep bath bombs secure in dispensers
  • Refill bath bombs available here

Suitable for 24+ months.

Refill Pack: Munchkin Color Buddies Moisturizing Bath Bomb Refills, 40pk 



A brilliant addition to the bath routine! Colorful bath water is a fun trick for getting even the most bath-averse toddler into the tub.

With 20 included bath bombs, you can teach little ones how to combine colors to make new ones. The nontoxic formula is super easy to clean and won’t stain tubs or skin. And the adorable whale and puffer fish dispensers double as floating bath strainers, extending playtime even more. Color us captivated!

Toy dispensers double as floating bath strainers Watch as the colors fizz and bloom out of the toy dispenser Mix and match bath tablets to create new colors in and out of the tub


How to Load Bath Bombs

Remove Top

Remove top from base by pulling straight up. Use finger indent on backside of toy.

Unlock Cap

Squeeze safety tabs on both sides of inner cap to unlock, then turn counter-clockwise to remove.

Insert Bath Bombs

Place 1 or 2 bath bombs into center of base. Place inner cap back onto base and turn clockwise until it clicks. Secure top back to base.

Reattach Top

When attaching top to base, align finger indent under tail side of toy.

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