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Pupsik Cotton Training Pants - M (7 Designs)

Brand Pupsik

Pupsik Cotton Training Pants - M (7 Designs)

Brand Pupsik
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Pupsik Cotton Training Pants is for potty training toddlers to wear over a diapers or training underwear to prevent side leakage. It is water-resistant and three-layered to prevent accidental leaks. The inner layer is a soft and absorbent 100% cotton terry cloth that is gentle and comfortable on baby's skin, while good for absorbing small leaks. The middle layer is a water-resistant TPU fabric that keeps leaks contained within the pants. Suitable for toddlers learning to potty train; let toddlers gain confidence to wear training underwear, while giving parents a peace of mind. Say goodbye to messes!

  • Three-layered training pants for potty-training toddlers to wear over training underwear or diapers
  • Soft absorbent 100% cotton terry cloth inner layer to absorb small accidents
  • TPU water-resistant, leak-proof middle layer to keep accidents in 360°
  • Soft, breathable, hypoallergenic cotton material is skin-friendly and gentle on baby's sensitive and delicate skin
  • Good moisture absorption, anti-leak, heat dissipation
  • Easy to wash, fast-drying
  • Waist band with moderate elasticity is soft, comfortable and stretchy
  • Extra wide high waist band covers baby's navel, keeps tummy warm and protects from exposure to external bacteria
  • Non-slip waist band - stays over the belly button even when baby sleep, kicks and plays
  • Quality, smooth stitching is non-abrasive to baby's skin
  • Stretchy pants with elastic waist band
  • Size M (suggested 8+ months, refer to exact measurements below)

Recommended for 8+ months.

Ways to wear:

  1. For younger kids, wear over diapers, training pants to prevent side leakage
  2. For older kids, wear over underwear but change regularly whenever there is leak

*As this pants is more comfortable and breathable compared to diapers, it is not meant to hold large urine volume and will definitely leak. It will be uncomfortable when leak in large amounts, so do change it out as soon as possible!

*Measurements laid flat. 

*Note that waist band is high-waisted and very, very soft and stretchy. Do not worry that it will be tight and imprint on baby's skin.

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