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Monee Universal Sippy Bottle Cap - Red

Brand Monee

Monee Universal Sippy Bottle Cap - Red

Brand Monee
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Monee Universal Sippy Bottle Cap is a funnel-shaped sipping cap that can be screwed on to any bottle drink so that kids can drink from the bottle directly like a sippy cup without spilling. This is useful for when kids are on the move (e.g. on a car seat or a stroller or walking) and are likely to spill easily when drinking straight from a plastic bottle. Simply put the sippy cap to your mouth like a cup and suck gently for the water to come out.

  • Fits almost any PET bottle
  • Comes with a dual bottle adapter (25mm and 28mm diameter bottle openings only, for 35mm, screw the main body directly to bottle opening without adapter)
  • Small, portable, convenient for outdoors and on the go
  • No spills with this sippy cap, even when bottle is overturned or dropped
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to wash
  • Comes with cap for hygiene and travel purposes
  • Oral development for children practicing sipping and drinking from a cup
  • Adults can use too
  • BPA free
  • Made in Korea

Recommended for babies 12+ months or as soon as they can sip from a cup.

*Refer to 1st image for design/colour of product. Secondary images feature different designs/colours and are for your reference only.

This product contains ONLY what is listed under CONTENTS (see below). Other accessories featured in videos, below diagrams, product images are NOT INCLUDED.

Youtube preview

Youtube preview

Your little one is thirsty! But you're on the car and your kid may spill the water bottle contents all over the car. 

  • Assemble your Monee Sippy Cap according to the instructions in the below diagram.
  • Remove the water bottle cap and screw on the Sippy Cap.
  • Tilt it to the mouth and hold it like a normal bottle to drink like a cup. Suck gently on the rim and water will flow out. 
  • After drinking, simply fix the travel lid back onto the sippy cap to drink again later. No need to remove the sippy cap, it can remain attached to the bottle.
  • When the Sippy Cap is no longer needed, simply unscrew it and place the lids back on both sides of the Sippy Cap.

*Do not sterilize or microwave or use on any heating element.


  • 1 x upper lid
  • 1 x hole-cap
  • 1 x clear pad
  • 1 x main body
  • 1 x dual adaptor
  • 1 x lower lid




^Above diagram features older design for reference.


How to assemble




Monee products are made of safe materials. It started as our CEO, graduated from Seoul National University’s chemical engineering department, started making products for his own children. Safe plastic such as PP, PE, ABS, and eco-friendly silicone are used only. Products have given BPA FREE and KC certifications from government agencies and every material of the products also passed US FDA tests.

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