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Maymom Storage Lid with Sealing Ring for Avent & Spectra (6pk)

Brand Maymom

Maymom Storage Lid with Sealing Ring for Avent & Spectra (6pk)

Brand Maymom
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Maymom Storage Lid with Sealing Ring for Avent & Spectra is a set of 6 storage lids and sealing rings for Philips Avent, Maymom wide-neck bottles.

  • Contains 6 sealing caps or travel caps for Avent Natural Polypropylene bottles, Avent Natural Glass bottle, Avent Classic bottles, Maymom wide-neck bottles.
  • Each cap contains 1 silicone sealing ring to prevent leaking.
  • The storage lid is one solid piece design (not collar and sealing disc), fewer parts to clean and easy to store
  • Can be used for Philips Avent Natural, Classic bottles
  • The sealing ring can be easily removed for cleaning. The thread of the cap holds the sealing ring in place. It is unlikely for the ring to drop out of the cap unless removed by fingers.
  • Can be used within temperature of - 10~110 deg C.
  • Made from BPA free and DEHP free material.
  • Can be sanitized with steam or boiling water; Dishwasher top rack safe (note: remove the sealing before putting it in the dishwasher). Microwave oven safe.
  • Comply with EU Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 for plastic materials that intended to come into contact with food. US FDA compliant for food contacts. Every batch is tested by independent labs for quality and safety.

NOTE: Product image shows that it is not compatible with Spectra. However, you may still use with Spectra wide-neck bottles, but DO NOT over tighten it, if not it will leak.

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