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Konfidence Original Children Swim Jacket - Hamptons Navy Stripe (3 Sizes)

Konfidence Original Children Swim Jacket - Hamptons Navy Stripe (3 Sizes)

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Konfidence Original Children Swim Jacket is a swim jacket made from high-grade soft neoprene, the Original Konfidence Swim Jacket offers superb lateral and longitudinal stretch, as well as allowing a snug and comfortable fit. The Original Konfidence Swim Jacket is a swim vest that incorporates eight internal float pockets, which positions the buoyancy around the wearer's torso and, most importantly, below the water line. This provides the stability to give the wearer confidence and freedom in the water, whilst crucially allowing their arms to remain free and unencumbered, helping them to learn and practise swimming strokes.

  • Made from neoprene fabric, they provide warmth, comfort and a feeling of security
  • High-grade neoprene provides the most snug and secure fit, and reduces the ability of the swim jacket to move independently of the wearer
  • Bright yellow back provides high visibility for parents.
  • Soft Lycra binding throughout the swim jacket minimises the possibility of chafing from rubbing
  • Features a chunky YKK zip to maximise security and parents' confidence
  • High neck design maximises thermal and UV properties (100% UV protective) when worn outdoors
  • Trademark high-visibility yellow back as standard on all jackets to increase visibility on beaches and in crowded pools
  • Full instructions on usage and adjustable buoyancy provided

Refer to sizing table below for recommended age and weight.

*Refer to 1st product image for what you will receive. Secondary images may feature different colours/design & accessories that are not included and are for your reference only.

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Size Chart

  Size   Weight          

  Chest Size               

  18 Months to 3 Years      

  Up to 20 kgs   /   Up to 44 lbs

   56cm  /  22"
  4 to 5 Years

   Up to 25 kgs   /   Up to 55 lbs

   61cm  /  24"
  6 to 7 Years

   Up to 30 kgs   /   Up to 66 lbs      

   66cm  /  26"


Whatever age a child first goes in the water, they want to feel safe and secure. That's what makes our swim jackets perfect for introducing the wearer to the joys of swimming and having fun in this environment. 

Featuring our eight removable float system, the multi-award winning Konfidence™ Jacket provides built-in buoyancy to give children natural buoyancy in the water. This easy-to-use float system aids swimming development by allowing buoyancy to be tailored to the child’s needs as they grow and develop water confidence.

As the swim jacket wearer's ability progresses, the floats of our flagship buoyancy swimming aid can be removed in pairs to reduce the buoyancy and encourage further development, making The Original Konfidence Swim Jacket fully adjustable for your child's swimming skill level. Eventually, all floats are dispensed with and the user is a fully independent swimmer!

The Swim Jacket features our trademark bright yellow back for high–visibility and comes with 100% UV protection on covered areas – this makes it an essential piece of holiday kit.We only use  top quality neoprene (wetsuit materials) materials and have incorporated design features that ensure a comfortable snug fit with its distinctive softness and stretch-ability.

All our standard Konfidence™ Jackets come with a high visibility bright yellow back. We wanted to be able to see our kids from a distance, and the yellow backs really stand out at the beach or in a crowded pool.

The soft Lycra around the binding is more comfortable around youngsters’ bare delicate skin, and reduces chaffing after long periods of use around the arms. The elasticity of the Lycra also allows for easy removal of the floats and helps to retain the Swim Jackets shape.

For safety and comfort, a good chunky, self-locking YKK brand zip is standard. And this comes with a Velcro zip retainer to discourage little fingers playing with the zip pull.

The ‘body warmer’ style design wraps around the child’s torso, keeps the child’s arms free, which is essential when learning to swim (unlike armbands which can be cumbersome for children and ‘babyish’ for older children).

When originally designing the Jacket back in 1997 we wanted to make sure it gave plenty of protection from the sun. So we extended the shoulders to make them wider, and brought the back up to the neckline to give maximum sun protection.

All Konfidence Swim Jackets are CE marked and comply with the most recent European Safety Certification EN131138-1:2008 relating to buoyant aids for swimming.

As the child is learning to swim and gaining confidence, Konfidence recommends that children wearing The Original Konfidence Jacket must be supervised by an adult at all times in the water. The adult must remain at all times within an arm-length from their child in the water.


Care Instructions

The Original Konfidence Jacket should be washed in cold clean water and hung to dry in the shade. Do not tumble dry and do not iron. If the jacket is used in the swimming pool or sea, chlorine and seawater can have a bleaching effect on the colours and damage Lycra threads, so to avoid degradation please rinse out in clean water as soon as possible. Please do not leave in a warm or hot car without rinsing first, as this can increase the chance of chlorine damage.


The major components we use are chunky self-locking YKK zips, nylon, polyester, 2.5 mm neoprene and Lycra, plus layered EPE foam floats.


We use flatlock seams (the same as those used on good quality wetsuits) on the shell to eliminate uncomfortable and unsightly ridged seams.


The Original Konfidence Jacket is tested to EN13138-1 (2008), the current standard for class B buoyant aids to swimming. This includes materials and buoyancy tests to ensure that it is well made, robust and fit for purpose. It has also been tested and complies with AS1900 (Australia) and SA SANS53138-2 (South Africa). In addition, we have tested the outer material for its UV protection qualities.


  • EN13138-1 (2008) Buoyant Aids to Swimming
  • EN71-3 Toys Standard Toxicity
  • EN20105 C06 Colourfastness to Washing
  • EN20105 E01 Colourfastness to Water
  • EN20105 X1 Colourfastness to Rubbing
  • EN14362-1 Azo
  • EN13758-1 UPF50+


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