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Jellycat Bashful Monkey Soft Toy (Medium - 28cm)

Jellycat Bashful Monkey Soft Toy (Medium - 28cm)

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Jellycat Bashful Monkey Soft Toy is a lovingly crafted and impeccably stitched luxurious plush toy from the well loved, UK luxury soft toy company! Made of beautiful silky smooth Bashful fur in a scrummy creamy chocolatey colour, this monkey swings through the trees as fast as can be, to become a number one playmate.

This exquisite creation is perfect for delicate newborns, playful toddlers and even adults have been known to fall for its quiet charms. A delightful companion, Jellycat Bashful Monkey Soft Toy is incredibly soft and comfortable to cuddle. With its immaculate quality, this Jellycat Monkey Soft Toy is sure to bring joy for years to come.

Also available in 20cm (small) & 36cm (large).

With plush items, there will be some degree of fibre shedding, advisable to give the toy a good shake to reduce shedding. The toys are all tested and safe from birth and do not pose any safety risk.

Get the Jellycat I Know A Monkey Soft Toy Book story book (sold seperately) for your child while they cuddle the fluffy, squishy plush toy.

Why we love this product:

  1. Ultra soft, plush and luxuriously made for your special one
  2. A timeless creation great for all ages: not too big for newborns yet just right for toddlers! Adults also love how soft it is!
  3. Well made with impeccable stitching! Makes a perfect special gift for years to come!


"A friend gave my son this monkey when he was about 7 months old. He now is a little over a year old and loves this monkey. So much that I am afraid how he will cope if we ever lose it or it gets destroyed, so I bought another here to ensure that he will always have his favorite monkey. It is the perfect size for his little arms to wrap around. When I put him in his crib at night, he reaches for his monkey and rolls over to go to sleep. When I get him in the morning, he is standing in his crib holding the monkey. It is soft and durable, and very cute. My son isn't addicted to a binky or blanket, but he is to this! " - Debbie

"I have a few of these Jellycat bashful 12" stuff toys. I think the best are this monkey and the woodland bunny. This monkey is nice because the fur on the face is shorter, creating the feel of a different texture. The woodland bunny has a nice color to it and also for some reason, Jellycat bunnies are made cuter than other Jellycat animals. " - Chris

"Super cute and perfect amount of "squish" for a toddler. Tail seals the deal. Highly recommend for any child you loves new "friends"!" - Lori

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