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IPlay Brim Sun Protection Baby Hat - White Suns (3 Sizes)

Brand IPlay

IPlay Brim Sun Protection Baby Hat - White Suns (3 Sizes)

Brand IPlay
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IPlay Brim Sun Protection Hat is a sun hat for baby that provides all-day sun protection for baby’s head, neck and eyes. The wicking liner is breathable for comfort, and the UPF 50+ material dries quickly if it gets wet to support baby’s active play. The tie strap keeps it in place, and the adjustable toggle creates a custom-fit as baby grows! Parents love how easy it is to pack for on-the-go activities and the wide variety of classic colors.

  • Extra-wide brim coverage
  • Stay-put tie strap
  • Quick-dry material for active play
  • Wicking liner for comfort
  • Adjustable toggle for custom fit & to grow with baby
  • Lightweight & packable for easy on the go
  • Materials: Microbfiber polyester shell; Polyester wicking lining
  • Coordinates with IPlay Swim & Sun Wear

Recommended for babies 0+ months.


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All-day sun protection for head, neck, & eyes



1. Why choose Sun Protection Hats by i play.®?
All i play.® Sun Protection Hats, including the Brim, Flap, & Bucket Hats, are UPF 50+ to help protect baby from the sun’s harmful rays. Brim, Flap, and select Bucket Hats have an adjustable toggle that allows a custom fit and to grow with baby, and all hats in the collection are complete with tie straps to keep hats in place.

Additionally, all i play.® Sun Protection Hats are made with azo-free dyes & without formaldehyde, for baby’s health & safety. The breathable, lightweight material is comfortable for baby to wear during everyday activity & water play.

2. What are the differences between all i play.® Sun Hats?
The Brim, Flap, & Bucket Sun Protection Hats are made from microfiber polyester with a polyester wicking liner for comfort. They have adjustable toggles for custom fit and to grow with baby, with stay-put tie straps.

The Brim Sun Protection Hat has a 360° extra-wide brim to help protect the neck and shoulders. The Flap Sun Protection Hat offers extra neck protection, and the Bucket Sun Protection Hat is a more classic fit to help protect head, neck, and eyes.

The new Breathable Swim & Sun Flap and Bucket Hats are made from breathable, quick-dry wicking material with a foam brim to keep its structure when wet to prevent the brim from falling into baby’s eyes. The elasticized back adjusts for custom fit and to grow with baby and is more comfortable than a toggle for a young baby who spends more time laying down.

Brim Width by Size

3. Why use UPF 50+ treated material?
Your baby has very delicate and sensitive skin, with less protective melanin than adults. Baby’s skin is also thinner, and easily absorbs chemicals and UV rays. Wearing sun protection clothing helps minimize the need for sunscreen (only need to apply to exposed areas not covered by UPF 50+ sun protection clothing) and offers all-day protection from sun’s harmful rays. i play.® Sun Protection Hats offer UPF 50+ protection, blocking 98% of UVA & UVB rays.

4. How is the material treated with UPF protection?
i play.® Sun Wear is treated using the Rayosan™ process. This process coats fabric in an invisible, chemical layer, thereby increasing the material’s effectiveness at blocking UV rays.

5. What materials are Sun Protection Hats made of?
i play.® Sun Protection Hats are made with microfiber polyester outer layer, with a polyester wicking liner.

6. How do I use each Sun Protection Hat?
Place the Sun Protection Hat on your child’s head with the adjustable toggle situated at the back of the head. Pull the toggle until the hat fits comfortably. Each tie strap should hang to either side of ears. Tie the tie straps to secure hat on head.

7. How do I measure my baby’s correct size?
Using a fabric tape measurer, measure the circumference of your baby’s head. Gently measure from the front of the forehead, over the ears to the back of the head, and back around to the front of the head where the beginning of the tape measurer is. Write down your baby’s measurement in inches & centimeters. Use the sizing guide to choose the size that is best for your child. If your child’s size is in between two age brackets or sizes and you are unsure, size up so you can use as your baby grows!

8. Are the Sun Protection Hats machine washable?
Sun Protections Hats are machine washable. Wash before use. Machine wash cold. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

9. Will my hat be damaged in the dryer?
We do not recommend tumble drying the hats, as it may misshapen the brim.

10. Can I wash with bleach to remove stains?
Only use non-chlorine bleach when needed.

11. Will my Sun Protection Hat shrink after washing?
The Sun Protection Hat should not shrink after washing if care instructions are followed.

12. Will my Sun Protection Hat lose its UPF protection after washing?
The UPF coating may start deteriorating after approximately 30 washes. Limit washes if possible.

13. What should I do if I see tears in the fabric?
Discard immediately if any signs of tears or excessive wear appear.

14. Do you use flame retardant finishes on the fabric?
We do not use any flame retardants in any of our products. Most flame retardants contain potentially harmful substances such as formaldehyde, which we avoid in our manufacturing. Do not iron and keep away from flames.

15. What safety standards is this product tested to?
This product is tested to US, EU, Canada, and China regulations.

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