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Hape Toddler Vegetable Basket Soft Toys

Brand Hape

Hape Toddler Vegetable Basket Soft Toys

Brand Hape
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Hape Toddler Vegetable Basket is a soft, felt basket filled with six of your favourite vegetables soft toys. Pop the peas from their pod, peel the cabbage leaves and cut the carrot and eggplant in half! Pretend to shop with this little basket toy, slice the vegetables with the toy knife, encourages healthy eating habits and imaginative role play.

  • Includes a soft felt basket with six of your favorite vegetables: one cabbage, one bean pod, one carrot, one potato, one tomato and one eggplant
  • Comes with a knife with a chunky, wooden handle
  • The vegetables and knife handle are easy for toddlers to grab and hold.
  • Cabbage with three removable leaves, the runner bean pod containing two beans and the carrot and eggplant that can be cut in half and reassembled with velcro.
  • Toddlers will love to play shopping and pretend play slicing and cooking
  • Great for aiding tactile exploration, developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Toddlers will learn about different colors, sorting and distinguishing vegetables
  • With the felt basket, it is easy to store & carry around, encourage your kid to put all the things back in the basket to cultivate good organizational habits
  • Made from felt and fabric, safe for toddlers

Recommended for 18+ months.

Package size L: 23, W: 12, H: 16 cm

Vegetables are machine washable on delicate. Recommended to use a laundry bag.

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