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Hape Mining Loader Set

Brand Hape

Hape Mining Loader Set

Brand Hape
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Hape Mining Loader Set is a mining railway set complete with tracks, 2 trains with coal cargoes, magnetic crane, safety signs and more. This mining railway set encourages storytelling and imagination in kids. Use the magnetic crane to keep this mining rail set running smoothly! Pick up loads of ore from the back of the truck. Then drop them into the loader and onto the waiting train. 

  • Includes 64 pieces: railway tracks, trains with cargo, safety signs, magnetic crane, tunnel and more
  • Use the magnetic hoist to transfer coal from the mining truck to the loader. Press the red button to release the coal!
  • Mining tunnel for trains to pass through
  • Train signal sign can be changed from red to green to let trains pass on the track
  • Made with a commitment to sustainability
  • Compliant with international safety and quality standards
  • Dimensions: L78 x W66 x H22 cm
Recommended for ages 3+ years.
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