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Hape Mighty Hammer Domino

Hape Mighty Hammer Domino

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Hape Mighty Hammer Domino is a wooden domino set with play accessories like a hammer, tunnel, momentum wheel, wooden marble and flag to spice up the domino path. Release the marble to trigger the hammer and set the dominoes in motion. There’s movement and surprises at every stage of this fun, robot-themed domino set. Dominoes are truly an awesome open-ended toy that sparks creativity and builds resilience in our children.

  • Includes 59 pieces
  • Domino set includes hammer, momentum wheel, tunnel, wooden marble, flag and dominoes
  • Hammer: As the ball collides with the hammer, the hammer is triggered and swings more than 180 degrees to accumulate enough force to knock down dominoes
  • Tunnel: translucent tunnel so that kids can watch as the marble runs through it
  • Momentum wheel: trigger the wheel so that it rolls and knocks down the next set of dominoes
  • Flag: knock down the last domino so that the flag unravels for a dramatic ending to your domino journey
  • Using the STEAM value (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), the mighty hammer domino toy introduces children to the concepts of potential energy, momentum and gravity.
  • Great for developing logical thinking and understanding of physics principles
  • Packaging Dimensions: L: 36, W: 9, H: 24 cm

Recommended for 4+ years.

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