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Froddo Double Strap Baby Trainers - Pink (2 Sizes)

Brand Froddo

Froddo Double Strap Baby Trainers - Pink (2 Sizes)

Brand Froddo
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Froddo Double Strap Baby Trainers is a trainer with double hook and loop velcro strap closure, leather upper, lining and rubber sole. The upper is aniline leather of calf skin, the inner lining and footbed is pig skin leather. This is good for toddlers who can walk on their own without help. German origin, made from the aniline leather, they are soft, natural and free from harmful substances. Very light shoes that imitate barefoot walking, anatomically shaped to support the natural and healthy development of children's feet. Extra flexible natural rubber sole, designed especially for walking toddlers.

  • Calf skin leather upper, pig skin leather inner lining and footbed
  • Vegetable-tanned leather is soft, breathable, comfortable and chemical-free
  • Non-slip rubber sole makes a good grip and prevents slipping on all surfaces, carpet, wood flooring or ceramic tiles.
  • Removable antibacterial leather insole
  • Extremely flexible to allow growth and development
  • Molds to child's feet ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Right amount of support and comfort to the insole, midsole and outsole.
  • Increases foot stability and prevents foot roll.
  • Anatomically designed and developed in consultation with orthopedic surgeons
  • Certified organic and certified allergy-friendly for sensitive skin of babies
  • Chrome free vegetable-tanned leather and EU certified materials keep babies' feet healthy and ensure their optimum development.

Sizes start from 8+ months onwards (recommended).

How to Measure your Child’s Shoe Size

Sizing shoes can be difficult especially if your child is moving between sizes. We find that the best way to measure the child foot is by tracing in on the paper.

Here are our tips for creating an accurate foot tracing using a letter size white paper:

  • Do the tracing while your child stands up as this will allow the foot to spread to its natural shape
  • Put a paper on the floor and draw around your child’s foot with socks on
  • Keep the pen vertical at all times when drawing around the foot
  • Draw a line on the sheet going from the heel to the top of the big toe and measure it
  • Do this for both feet. If different length use the larger foot measurement

Compare your child’s foot measurement length to our sizing chart below:

How to use the chart below? Note that this is a Frodo shoe size table guide, not a shoe size chart. First, obtain your child's foot length measurement in Inches/CM and find it in the below table under the Inches or CM column. Refer to the corresponding row for the EU shoe size.

For e.g. your child's foot measures 11.8 cm. Under the CM column, this value falls in between 11.7 cm and 12.1 cm. Check the corresponding EU shoe size, which is EU 20. EU 20 is your child's shoe size for Froddo.

*The Age column should only be a reference. It is more important to base your child's size according to the length.

Froddo EU Shoe Size Chart

This is the Froddo Shoe Size Chart. 

Europe Insole length*
21 139 mm
22 146 mm
23 152 mm
24 158 mm
25 166 mm
26 173 mm
27 178 mm

Measure the length from the heel to a toe in mm, add 10 mm to your result and that is the insole length that you need. Find the closest number in the chart below (in case of uncertainty it's better to size up as baby's feet grow and before you know it, these cute shoes will fit just perfectly)

*Please note that the baby's foot should be 7-12 mm shorter than the insole length

*Froddo shoes have a medium fit.


Toddler Shoes

Aniline leather is treated exclusively with soluble dyes, without colouring the upper layer of the hide, and the results guarantee this product maximum comfort. Uneven colouring with transparent pigment highlights the natural structure of the product, with its visible contrasts and characteristics on the surface of the skin, while preserving the vitality and providing the most natural and unique look. In the final phase of processing using neutral creams that are water-resistant, while hand-applied wax gives an aesthetically pleasing effect, and a waterproof spray gives an added protection.

Every shoe that we offer on the market is produced in an environmentally friendly way without any harmful substances and compounds such as Chromium (VI). In addition, in the manufacture of our footwear we use exclusively water-based adhesives. We produce shoes that care about the environment, as well as the health of children.

Froddo shoes are made from aniline natural leather and anatomically designed to ensure the right amount of support and comfort. The shoe's designs are developed in consultation with orthopedic surgeons and pay close attention to the insole, midsole and outsole. This ensures optimum support to your child’s growing feet. Quality is key for making shoes, so a great deal of attention is given to the selection of natural materials that protect small feet.

All Froddo shoes are made from premium leather of Italian/European origin, no harmful chemicals, safe for kids. Froddo shoes are all made in Croatia. All materials used in production are from reliable sources from European producers following European Union standards. 

Froddo leather supplier "Ecopell" certificates:

  • Naturleather INV seal, the most stringent quality label in the world of textile
  • Biokreis - Seal of Association of Organic Agriculture
  • ECARF certificate given for materials free of allergenic substances



For a beautiful and well-preserved look, it is necessary to treat and protect footwear made from aniline leather by:

  • Applying neutral creams
  • Wiping with soft cloths
  • Polishing with soft brushes
  • Applying waterfproof spray

Froddo shoes are made from quality natural leather of European origin.

Shoes are made for dry weather and are maintained with natural shoe cleaning products, soft brushes and damp cloths. If necessary, shoes can be treated with a cream for natural leather.

TEX labelled shoes have a waterproof membrane and they are intended for both dry and wet weather. They are maintained with damp cloths and nourishing creams for cleaning and protecting natural leather.

It is not recommended to machine or hand wash shoes made from natural leather as this can damage them. 

Moisturizing shoe products which penetrate the leather will extend the life of all shoes made from natural leather.

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