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Fisher Price Stack & Roll Cups

Fisher Price Stack & Roll Cups

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Fisher Price Stack & Roll Cups is an enrichingly versatile and fun toy that helps build baby's sensory, fine motor, thinking and problem solving skills! These colourfully adorable cups are designed to be stackable, nestable and can fit together to make roll-around cups for hours of good fun! Babies do most of their learning through play and the endless possibilities that these Stack & Roll Cups offer will benefit them.

The 10 cups included have grooved surfaces to fit and stack on one another snugly while different colours, sizes and numbers help baby learn to identify and sort the difference. To top it all off, a smiling jingle ball, which can nest inside any cup, sits on top of the stack!

Fisher-Price Stack & Roll CupsWhy we love this product:

  1. Encourages creative thinking with the many different possibilites of play!
  2. Enhances problem-solving skills with stacking and sorting
  3. Helps baby learn to identify and sort colors, sizes and numbers!


"My 14 month old grand-daughter AND I love this toy! We have spent many happy hours playing with these fantastic little cups! This toy can do a multitude of things - you can stack them, roll them, put fun stuff inside, put them together! When they are together, we roll them, stack them, spin them, throw them! The colours are bright, the cups have special little designs on each one, along with numbers too. They are durable and withstand little hands and feet!  This is one of my favorite toys to play with and I have even started purchasing these as baby gifts for friends." - Pam

"This amazingly versatile toy would make it on my top five list of toys for a toddler. There seem to be an infinite number of ways to play with these - the cups can be stacked in different ways, with handy ridges that allow each size to fit on any of the larger sizes and stay together; they can be put together to make 5 different balls, nested, and any combination of these things. Since each one has a hole, they are easy for my 15 month old to grab and now she has discovered that after you snap them together as balls, they make a cool sound when you talk through one end. Even my 6 and 8 year old boys enjoy finding new things to do with these cups. We like rolling and stacking the balls after they're made, putting various small toys inside each ball and peeking in to see them, and just stacking the cups in different ways. Sometimes they are cups or bowls for pretend eating or drinking. Or they're hats, or telescopes. The colors are beautiful, and we haven't even started exploring the numbers/shapes on them yet. They also feel durable. I love that the whole toy, when nested together, takes up little space. This is one excellently crafted, well-designed toy that encourages creativity and good fun, with an infinite number of uses for the imaginative kid." - Andie

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