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Eine Baum Herb Vinegar Stain Remover, 480ml (Exp 06/24)

Eine Baum Herb Vinegar Stain Remover, 480ml (Exp 06/24)

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Eine Baum Herb Vinegar Stain Remover is a spray-on fabric stain remover that is a convenient and safe way to remove stains, especially on your little ones' clothes. We know that mealtime and playtime can get messy. From plant-derived cleaning ingredients such as coconut and corn. Infused with Protease that breaks down proteins such as milk powder or milk, Lipase that decomposes oils such as chocolate and old grime, Amylase that decomposes carbohydrates and polysaccharides such as baby food and fruits. 

  • Mild and gentle for babies' skin
  • Complex degrading enzyme specialized for stain removal
  • Break down various stains attached to the fibres of clothes
  • Simply spray on the stained area, wash and ta-da!



Purified water, ethanol, herbal vinegar, baking soda, potassium cocoyl glycinate, hexylene glycol, levulinic acid, tetrasodium EDTA, decyl glucoside, ethylhexyl, lauryl pyridinium chloride, polyoxyethylene lauryl ether, sodium laureth sulfate, complex degrading enzyme. fragrance.


How to use: 

1. Turn the nozzle of the spray inlet

2. Spray on the contaminated area. If contamination is severe, rub lightly for 10 minutes after spraying

3. Wash the clothes as per usual/handwash with detergent



-Before washing, check the label attached to the clothes before washing.
- Do not use on non-textile leathers (leather, suede, etc.).
- If the product is left unattended for a long time after spraying, it may cause staining, discoloration, discoloration, etc., so
please wash it within 10 minutes if possible.
- Removed stains that have already been washed or old may be less effective.

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