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Eine Baum Herb Vinegar Bathroom Cleaner, 480ml (Exp 02/25)

Eine Baum Herb Vinegar Bathroom Cleaner, 480ml (Exp 02/25)

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Eine Baum Herb Vinegar Bathroom Cleaner is an eco-friendly bathroom cleaner that is made of plant-derived ingredients that effectively remove bathroom odours without any harmful substances! With anti-mildew properties that help remove moulds formed. 

  • Contains citric acid, natural lemon & orange flavour (citrus)
  • Effectively removes odour in bathroom
  • Anti-mildew that removes any mould formed in toilet overtime
  • Inhibits further growth of mould
  • Easy to use spray bathroom detergent with adjustable spray nozzle
  • Safe detergent with no harmful substances
  • Compliance with household chemical safety standards
  • No MIT, CMIT, PHMG, PHMB, PGH, chemical preservatives or colorants

How to use: 

1. Turn the nozzle inlet so the "ON" comes on the top

2. Spray on the contaminated area. For severe contamination, please wait 3-5 minutes after spraying before cleaning 

3. Clean and scrub with a sponge etc. 


Purified water, alkyl polyglucoside, potassium cocoyl glycinate, fermented alcohol ethanol, hexylene glycol, disodium EDTA, lauryl pyridinium chloride, levulinic acid, ethylhexy glycerin, herbs (lavender, rosemary. lemongrass) Vinegar, citric acid, citrus flavor (no flavor, EWG grade)


Avoid using on areas with a risk of discolouration such as marble. When using in an enclosed space, please ensure sufficient ventilation. 

Do note that the shape of the spray handle may differ from the image. 

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