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EcoCool Bamboo Pajamas - Toddler (White)

EcoCool Bamboo Pajamas - Toddler (White)

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EcoCool Bamboo Pajamas - Toddler (White) by A, Apple Pie is the best sleepwear (or all day wear) around for your little ones. This two piece is made of the softest, stretchiest bamboo viscose fabric that feels like butter. It is gentle on sensitive skin and perfect for year-round wear. Perfect for our warm and humid climate, this pajames is cooling in non-airconditioned environments and provides just the right coverage if your child sleeps in an air-conditioned room. Good coverage provides protection against mosquito and insect bites.

Material: 52.8% Bamboo fiber, 47.2% cotton

Machine wash on cold.

Why Bamboo? 

  • Luxuriously soft, made from super soft bamboo fibres. It’s kind to the environment and baby’s skin as no pesticides or chemicals have been used and is hypo allergenic too. 
  • Comfortable (It is warm in winter and cool in summer). It has been proven by multiple studies that the comfortable material does help to improve the quality of baby’s sleep. 
  • Anti-bacterials, terrific for baby with sensitive skin, it is ecological and not itchy. 
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly, and easy to care for. 

Washing Instructions :

  • Machine wash cold
  • Shape clothing while it is wet - Tumble dry low - Do not bleach 
  • Do not dry clean 
  • Do not iron
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