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Dwinguler Talking Pen is an electronic interactive pen only for use with the Dwinguler Music Parade Sound Playmat (click here). When its sensory tip is placed on various images on the playmat such as on the animals, objects, letters numbers and many more, the Talking Pen will play sounds about the graphics like recite words, sing songs, explains objects. Providing hours of fun educational interaction for growing minds!

  • Interactive pen plays sounds when touched to the play mat with the sensory tip
  • Interacts with the playmat to play sounds like the alphabet, numbers, musical instruments, animals, short stories, songs etc
  • Touch it to the musical keyboard on the playmat for musical sound
  • Selection of five classic music tunes that play for 10 minutes.
  • Can be played on both sides of the playmat
  • Adjustable volume and can select from 2 languages (English, Mandarin)
  • Pen is comfortable for small hands, and runs with 2 x AAA batteries
  • ONLY works with Dwinguler Music Parade Sound Playmat (click here)

 Recommended for 6+ months.

Dwinguler Talking Pen with the Music Parade Playmat (not included) for interactive playtime

Engage your child’s mind with interactive play time, using sound to stimulate brain development in children. Use this play mat to teach children the alphabets, build their imagination and creativity, aid brain development and give them a head start to school.

Interactive play mat with battery operated voice pen, means functionality comes into independent play! An active sound-learning mat which kids can listen to various sounds and imagine joyfully and can have time for creative thinking not like passive learning by just playing with toys and reading a book.

Kids listening to various music since when they were young can grow their nerve network more sensitively and more active, and this become a base for kids to grow up as a sensitive children.

Great tool for learning and activating brain development in children 12 months and above. 

Here is a simple guide on how to operate the Talking Pen:

  1. Place two AAA batteries in the rear of the pen.
  2. Fasten the battery compartment with the small screws that come inside the pen's packaging.
  3. Hold the power button down for three seconds to turn the pen on.
  4. Locate the menu on either side of the play mat to adjust the volume, tap the volume accordingly.
  5. Tap any image on the play mat to hear the corresponding sound.
  6. Hold power button down for three seconds to turn pen off.

Youtube preview

Youtube preview

Youtube preview

*Talking Pen not included
  • Volume and language be adjusted via the buttons or through placing it on the controls printed on the playmat. 
  • Built in inactivity timer, switches itself off after being idle.
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