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Dwinguler Playmat - Lovely Monkey (M12)

Dwinguler Playmat - Lovely Monkey (M12)

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Dwinguler Bumper Playmat are playmats that create an optimal playground by protecting children from hard impacts, isolating from cold/warm floor and reducing noise. The Playmats can be used both in and outdoors. Dwinguler Playmat is double sided and available in a vatiety of patterns and pictures that are educational and all designed to capture and engage your child's curiosity.

  • Made of non-toxic PVC
  • Soft, elastic, and slip resistant.
  • Exceptional cushioning from multiple layers of foam combined with a unique embossing pattern, protect kids from tumbles, falls and hard impacts on the ground.
  • Manufactured using baby-safe, high quality, eco-friendly material, making the playmat 100% free from any toxic materials
  • Latex Free, Phthalate Free, Lead Free, BPA Free, EVA Free
  • Waterproof coating, easy to clean and sanitize, Dwinguler Playmats help keep kids healthy from germs, bugs and bacteria.
  • Helps absorb noise and lets children play without the worry of chilly floors.
  • Laboratory tested and have passed the CPSIA and European Toy Safety Standards (EN-71)
  • No Heavy metals (PB,BA,CD,HG,FR,AS,SB,SE), No formaldehydes, No endocrine disruptors

Dimensions: 1900 x 1300 x 12mm (Size M12)

Note: Due to the material property that is slightly stretchable, please allow a 3-5% tolerance in size.

All Dwinguler Bumper Playmats come with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY against Defects In Materials and Workmanship!

Dwinguler playmats are made on the same factory as Parklon playmats and use slighly better quality materials. 

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  • Dimensions: 1900 x 1300 x 12mm (Size M12)
  • Packaging Dimensions:  200mm(L) x 200mm(W) x 1310mm(H) / 7.4kg

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The anti-slip surface of the Playmats is made out of acrylic and urethane reducing the spread of bacteria and fungi to minimum. The inner PVC foam has been especially developed for babies and children to provide optimal cushioning. In addition the Playmats are easy to clean - just wipe with water, and can be used with floor heating. The Dwinguler Playmats have been tested and certified to assure 100% lack of harmful substances and match the European and US toy safety standards.

Dwinguler Playmat Features


The Dwinguler Playmat is manufactured with high quality non-toxic materials that are friendly to the environment.

We comply with all requirements of CPSIA and European Toy Safety Standards.

The Dwinguler Kid's Playmat has a non-slip surface.
Multiple foam layers provide excellent cushioning for minor falls and tumbles.

Always designed with your child's safety in mind.
Dwinguler provides children with safe and clean place and can be used safely as it is manufactured with nontoxic material.
The thickness of Dwinguler Playmat can provide soft and excellent cushioning and be easy to maintain as it is treated with a special coating.

The Dwinguler Playmat is double sided and available in a variety of patterns and images all designed to capture and engage your child's curiosity.

Introduce your child to the alphabet and numbers,
identify animals and objects, or tell stories using the colorful illustrations.


Passed the following European Standard on Safety of Toys:

  • EN 71 Part 1:2014+A1:2018
  • EN 71 Part 2:2011+A1:2014
  • EN71-3:2013 + A3:2018
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