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Diaper Champ ONE Odorless Diaper Bin - Maxi (85 NB Diapers)

Diaper Champ ONE Odorless Diaper Bin - Maxi (85 NB Diapers)

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Diaper Champ ONE Odorless Diaper Bin is a diaper disposal bin that can be used with ANY trash bag and is specifically engineered to seal odors in. Diaper Champ utilizes a piston mechanism to prevent any odor from escaping whenever you dispose a diaper. No fussy lids or covers, place the nappy straight into the opening at the top, turn the handle, return it back and you're done! The piston pushes the nappy and all the odors into the bin. The bin contents do not get exposed at all, preventing odor leakage. This bin works with ANY bag so you don’t need expensive refill cassettes or cartridges. Not only do you save big on costs (zero cost on plastics refills!), you massively reduce global plastic waste. 

  • Fits ANY trash bag (e.g. recycled plastic bags), no need to purchase refill cassettes or cartridges
  • Odorless bin — disposal mechanism eliminates the need for opening lids or covers, bin contents are never exposed
  • Airtight technology keeps odors in and reduce odor leakage
  • Easy to use, simply place it straight into the bin opening (no need to open any lids or covers)
  • Piston mechanism — turn the handle to flip the piston, which pushes nappy & odors into the bin firmly
  • One-sided opening, provides extra sealage for the contents of the bin
  • One hand-control you will always have your hands free to look after your baby on the changing table
  • Lab-tested in odor leaking against other well-known diaper pail brands (e.g. Bubula, Ubbi, Chicco, Pigeon, Dekor), and is found to leak the significantly least amount of odor among all the brands
  • Low total cost of ownership compared to diaper pail brands that require repeated purchase refills/cartridges (e.g. Tommee Tippee, Munchkin, etc)
  • Environmentally-friendly — allow recycling of bags
  • Maxi Capacity: +/- 85 Newborn Diapers
  • Height: 32.7 inches / 83 cm

Recommended for babies 0+ months.

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How it works

Diaper Champ Diaper Bin is a diaper bin that allows you to dispose soiled nappies while minimizing odor leakage. Instead of opening and closing the bin to dispose a soiled nappy, it utilizes a piston gravity mechanism to push diapers into the bin, eliminating the exposure of bin contents to the outside air, thereby reducing odor leakage.

Place the nappy straight into the cavity opening at the top of the bin. Turn the handle to the other side and you're done! This action flips the piston upside down which falls and pushes the nappy into the bin. No more opening/closing of diaper bins, say goodbye to stinky odor blasts everytime you dispose a nappy.

Refer to videos above for a clearer idea on the bin mechanism!



  • Maxi: 830H x 360W x 250L mm
  • Weight: 4.3 kg


The ONE vs the Classic?

Diaper Champ offers 2 versions of diaper bin: Classic and ONE. This product is the ONE version.

The ONE has a one-sided bin opening, after you turn the handle to flip the piston, you have to return the handle back in order to return the opening back to the top. Due to its one-side only opening, it provides even more sealage for the contents of the bin, potentially even better odor minimizing benefits.

The Classic has a double-sided bin opening, just turn the handle once to flip the piston. The underside also has an opening for you to throw your next nappy, so you do not need to return the handle. This provides greater convenience for the user. Click here for the Classic!


Nappy Disposal

This bin works with ANY trash bag. You save extra cost by recycling trash bags without needing to buy refills cassettes and cartridges for this bin. 

A baby uses up to 6 diapers a day in average. If a cassette can dispose up to an average of 100 diapers, you would have to buy a refill cassette (ave S$15/per cassette) every 17 days. This would amount up to more than $300 a year! Not only that, you leave an even higher carbon footprint that is not helpful to our planet.

Diaper Champ does not require any refill cassettes, just recycle any plastic bag! As long as you recycle, you can save up to $300 a year on plastics, and even more in the long term. Furthermore, you contribute to a happier and healthier environment.


Odor Leaking Lab Test

Diaper Champ emerged to have the substantially lowest odor leakage among all brands.


Quality & Make

Diaper Champ is based in the Netherlands and manufactured with exceptional European quality. It has gained a sturdy and solid following in Germany for its convenience and effectiveness and is one of the top-selling Diaper Bins in Germany.

This is the original, authentic Diaper Champ from the Netherlands that is manufactured with the original technology and specially curated, high quality materials.


Size Comparison Diaper Champ Classic vs Diaper Champ ONE Diaper Bin

*This product is the Diaper Champ ONE Maxi Diaper Bin. All other bins featured below are for your reference only and not included.




1. Why should I use the DiaperChamp instead of a normal trash bin?
If you don't want to smell the previous diaper when you put the new one in you will have to use an odourless diaper pail, the most economical system is The DiaperChamp because this is the only odourless diaper pail in which any bag can be used. You won't have to buy the expensive refill cassettes because you can use a normal plastic bag.

2. Which size DiaperChamp do I need?
There a 3 different sizes available, the regular (for 30 diapers) and the medium size (for 50 diapers) are most popular for families at home. The large size (for 75 diapers) is mostly used in kindergartens, nurseries and creches.

3. How can I change the bag without odour leaking?
You can change the bag by pressing the handle with 1 hand and pull the upper part up, the bag is now still in the bagholder and the upper part of the DiaperChamp is still attached to the bag. Then squeeze the most upper part of the bag and press with your other hand on the button to make sure the bagholder is removed from the upper part. Pull the bag out of the pail and throw the bag away.

4. How can I check if I use the right bag?
When you place the bag through the bagholder, the lower part of the bag should hit the bottom of the DiaperChamp. In that case a heavy (full) bag can never fall down. Watch out: from the outside you cannot see the plastic bag, if you can see a part of the bag, the bag is probably fold up over the pail instead of through the bagholder. The upper part of the plastic bag should be folded in the pail and not over the outside of the pail. If the bag is not placed in a correct way odour can leak out.

5. I cannot turn the handle anymore, what is the problem?
There might be a cloth or a baby wipe between the reverse piston of the DiaperChamp. When the handle is in a horizontal position you can pull off the upper part. You can easily clean the DiaperChamp by taking it apart, please check the instruction video on the website to see how you can take apart the different pieces of the DiaperChamp. The DiaperChamp can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Please be aware that the silicon rings and the piston cannot be placed in the dishwasher, these pieces can be harmed by too strong cleaning agents.

6. Can I use my DiaperChamp for other trash as well?
The DiaperChamp is only suitable for diapers so we don't advise to use it for other trash.

7. How often should I change the bag?
We advise to change the bag every 3 days, of course this depends on the odour of the diapers. When your baby only drinks milk the odour is less intense versus a baby who eats meat and vegetables. In summer when the temperature is rising it's necessary to change the bag more often. We also advise to 'air' the pail of the DiaperChamp once a week (outside) because odour can be sticked to the plastic.


10. If my DiaperChamp is leaking odour, what can be the problem?
Please check the following: Is the bag placed in the right way? This means you cannot see (a piece) of the bag from the outside of the DiaperChamp, the bag should be placed through the bagholder and the upper part of the bag should be folded around the bagholder. If the bag is not placed in the right way odour can leak out. Odour can be sticked in the plastic pail, you can clean the pail and let it air outside for at least an hour. The handle of the DiaperChamp should always be in a horizontal position, only in this position the DiaperChamp is odour free. When you turn the handle and the bag is almost full little odour can leak out but when the handle is in the horizontal position again the DiaperChamp is odour free. Use the right plastic bag, it should hit the bottom and cannot be too thin. After some years the silicon rings can be worn out.


11. Is the DiaperChamp suitable for incontinence materials and injury materials in hospitals?
The DiaperChamp (upper part) is not large enough for the bigger incontinence diapers.


12. Which (size) plastic bag can I use?
This depends on the size of your DiaperChamp: -DiaperChamp Regular: 20/25 liter plastic bag -DiaperChamp Medium: 50/60 liter plastic bag -DiaperChamp Large: 80 liter plastic bag


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