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Creamhaus Inua Haus XL Playmat Tent - Baby Pink

Creamhaus Inua Haus XL Playmat Tent - Baby Pink

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Creamhaus Inua Haus XL Playmat Tent is a fabric tent that can be set up on the Creamhaus Inua XL Bumper Bed Playmat as an additional accessory. Turn your bumper bed into an even more cosy place for baby to play and rest. Install by inserting the 4 tentpoles into each corner of the bumper bed. Kids getting older? The tent can be removed and stand alone on the floor without bumper bed, to play as a tent on its own.

  • Easily detachable from bumper bed
  • Can stand on its own without bumper bed
  • Sturdy & secure, does not topple easily
  • Tent shields your baby from ceiling light so that they can sleep
  • High tent (150 cm) is high enough for little ones to stand - like a pretend house
  • Pretend-play: Tent with curtains, window, just like a real house
  • Install by inserting the 4 poles into each corner of the bumper bed
  • Material: Polyester, cotton, aluminium, nylon, silicon
  • Dimensions: 110L x 160W x 150H cm
  • Made in Korea

Click here for Creamhaus Inua XL Bumper Bed Playmat (160x110x40cm).

*This product contains only the Playmat Tent. Inua Bumper Bed depicted on product image is NOT INCLUDED.

Recommended for babies 0+ months.

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Youtube preview


*Inuahaus featured in videos is for reference only and may not be the same size. For accurate dimensions, refer to specifications.


  • Size: 160 x 110 x 150 cm (+/-2 cm)
  • Contents: Tentage cover, Pole (11pc), Connector (6pc), Pole cap
  • Material
    • Tentage Cover - Polyester
    • Window, decors - Cotton
    • Pole - Aluminium
    • Connector - Nylon
    • Polecap - Silicon
  • Age: 0-7 years

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