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Childhome Puro Aero Safe Sleeper Mattress (60x120cm)

Childhome Puro Aero Safe Sleeper Mattress (60x120cm)

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Childhome Puro Aero Safe Sleeper Mattress is a  mattress is made of high resilient foam with a 3D mesh top layer. This not only provides breathability and air circulation, it ensures a firm back support. The removable fabric cover makes use of ‘Puro’ and ‘Aero’ technology. 'Puro' technology guards against allergies while 'Aero' technology provides good ventilation, temperature & moisture regulation, promoting a safe and secure sleep. 

  • Mattress core: high resilient foam with a 3D mesh top layer
  • 3D honeycomb air mesh layer is breathable, provides optimal air circulation, temperature regulation
  • Anti-mold properties, because moisture evaporates faster
  • Provides baby with a firm and perfect back support 
  • Removable cover with Puro technology, which makes use of natural probiotics to protect your baby against allergies
  • Fabric cover also has Aero technology, a woven 3D structure fabric for great ventilation, moisture & temperature regulation
  • Removable fabric cover is made of polyester which is anti-fungal, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial.
  • Creating a ultrahygienic, safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby. 
  • Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 12 cm
  • OEKO-TEX:Standard 100 

*This mattress cover (shown on product image) is a removable fabric cover for the mattress foam. It is NOT a mattress fitted sheet or mattress protector.

Recommended for 0+ months.

The core of the Puro Aero Safe Sleeper mattress is made of high resilient foam with a 3D mesh top layer. The 3D honeycomb air mesh layer increases the elasticity and lets your child sleep on an airy layer. It is very breathable and provides safe sleep. It also has very good anti-mold properties, because moisture evaporates faster. It provides optimal air circulation, good temperature control. Making sure your baby has a firm and perfect backsupport at all times. An ideal support for your child's night's sleep.

The removable cover combines two revolutionary technologies, ‘Puro’ and ‘Aero’ technology.

Puro is a technology that uses 100% natural probiotics to protect your baby against allergies, keeps the mattress clean and helps you keep out unwanted guests. (84% less allergies)

‘Aero’ is a special woven 3D structure fabric that creates a unique protective layer of air with great ventilation, moisture regulation and pressure reducing properties. This layer of air in combination with a complex 3D honeycomb air mesh, makes sure that your baby can breathe at all times and regulates your baby’s body temperature. Creating a pure, ultrahygienic and safe sleeping-environment for your baby. Aero technology provides a better air conditioning, extra air layer and safety. Aero technology gives better climate control, extra air layer and security

Removable cover made of polyester which has anti-fungal, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial properties.

The Childwood’s Puro Aero Safe Sleeper is a clean, green and safe solution to help you protect your little one during the night.



Core: High resilient foam (HR 40kg/m³) combined with a 3D air mesh.

  • Materials are combined by water-based adhesives (air-permeable)

Cover: 100% polyester.

  • Puro Technology - Probiotics.
  • Aero technology - well-maintained 3D structure.
  • Maintenance: Removable cover, washable at 40 °C.

EN-Norm: EN 16890:2017

OEKO-TEX:Standard 100

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