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California Baby Calming Organic Powder, 2.5oz - exp 11/26

California Baby Calming Organic Powder, 2.5oz - exp 11/26

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California Baby Calming Organic Powder helps soothe sensitive skin with luxurious certified organic corn and tapioca starches. This Certified USDA Organic powder uses U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) quality kaolin clay with sodium bicarbonate to absorb moisture to keep skin dry, cool and comfortable.

Use around the diaper area and chubby folds in your baby's skin to help soothe and prevent diaper rash. This powder can also be used effectively to dry the area and ease chafing under the folds of your baby's neck during heavy drooling due to teething. Adults can also use it as a natural body deodorizer and ski soother while older children can apply to their underarms and between the toes.

Why We Love This Product:

  1. All-natural ingredients include fluffy cornstarch and moisture absorbing bentotite and kaolin clays
  2. No talc means no danger to your baby's breathing!
  3. Absorbs moisture and eases chafing in the diaper area and chubby folds


"I love the texture and scent of this powder. It has a nice drying effect, and is silky to the touch. It has helped to clear my baby's diaper rash!" - Aslin

"This product has been a life saviour. My baby occasionally gets some heat rashes and this powder not only helps soothe but also heals the rash. I'm very happy with this powder." - Kumar

"This powder is wonderful and is talc free. Also it is vegan and we have noticed it helps prevent diaper rash. Definitely a must have for healthy babies!" - Alexis


*Note on crystallization and natural ingredients 

California Baby uses natural, organic and purely plant- based ingredients instead of sulfates, irritants and synthetic fragrances. As a result, some products can be sensitive to changes in temperature. These temperature changes can cause natural/organic ingredients to crystalize. However, this phenonmenon occurs very rarely and should not be a cause for concern. Thorough investigations by California Baby has proven that this crystallization is not harmful and remains safe to use for babies. 

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