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Bear Fruit Rolls, 18pk - Strawberry (Exp 10/23)

Brand Bear

Bear Fruit Rolls, 18pk - Strawberry (Exp 10/23)

Brand Bear
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Bear Fruit Rolls is a healthy snack for kids (and adults) that is made of 100% natural ingredients. The ideal fruit snack full of fruity goodness and absolutely nothing else. BEAR Fruit Rolls are not only yummy and sweet but also 100% natural with no added sugar & gently made to preserve fiber and vitamins. A delicious fruit snack to enjoy at home, on the go or to surprise your kids in their lunchbox!

  • 18 pack
  • Bear Fruit Rolls is just fruit in a tasty roll
  • All-natural treat or snack containing all the goodness of fruit
  • No added sugar, 100% natural, high in fibre, no concentrates
  • Vegan-friendly, glutenfree, nut-free, kosher, no artificial colourings or preservatives, nutriscore B/ healthstar rating 4,5
  • Ideal snack for lunchbox, gym bag, snacks at home, at work or on the go
  • Delicious healthy snack for kids and grown-ups
  • Each pack comes with a collectible card

Recommended for 2Y+


The Bear Promise: 
BEAR wants to take a big bite out of unhealthy snacking habits Grrr! That is why all our BEAR snacks are made of simple, 100% natural ingredients and are barely processed. BEAR keeps it deliciously clean and fun!

What makes BEAR different?
BEAR makes natural, tasty and fun treats that only contain the goodness of fruit. Just fruit and absolutely nothing else. A unique combination that makes the healthier choice simpler for parents and more fun for kids. 


What is black carrot extract and why is it used in your Fruit Rolls?
Our black carrot extract is completely natural, taken from black carrots. We add it in very small amounts to our Strawberry and Raspberry Fruit Rolls. The anthocyanins (pigments) found in black carrots give them their dark colour, and therefore add some colour to our Fruit Rolls.

How do the products keep for so long?
Nowadays, so many products contain preservatives that we almost start to think that without preservatives, products cannot be kept for a long time. This is different with dried fruit. When we dry the fruit, a very large part of the water in the fruit evaporates. This water normally ensures that a product is no longer good over time, for example due to a fungus. Because the majority of the water has evaporated during the production process, the products themselves have a shelf life of a lot longer! Our ingredients are simple and pure and we are very proud of that! We don't like to hide things. BEAR is pure fruits & vegetables, and absolutely nothing else.

Are BEAR products suitable for people with diabetes?
We only use 100% fresh in season fruits in BEAR nibbles and never mess around with our ingredients. If anyone tried putting sulphites or sugars in our snacks we'd bite their head off. Grrr! All BEAR snacks are under 100 calories, fat free and contain a portion of fruit. BEAR only contains natural fruit sugars.

However, you would need to speak to your GP (general practitioner) to see if they'd fit with your specific dietary requirements. We hope that you'll be able to enjoy BEAR. It's a tasty replacement for biscuits, and sweets and what's even better is it is full of nutritional goodness.

Do BEAR products have any Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's)?
Our ingredients are really simple, exactly what you see printed on our packaging is what's inside (it's not our style to hide anything, or be sneaky). We set up BEAR to make simpler, tastier foods from grrreat ingredients and with no added nonsense, so you can rest assured that there are absolutely no GMOs in any BEAR products.

What does the no added sugar claim mean?
The sugars present in the products are only coming from naturaly occuring sugars of the used fruit.

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