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Baa Baa Sheepz Women's Shorts - Polka Dot Grey (2 Sizes)

Baa Baa Sheepz Women's Shorts - Polka Dot Grey (2 Sizes)

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Baa Baa Sheepz Women's Shorts is a a light and comfortable pair of women's shorts made from bamboo fibres. It's perfect for home, sleep and lounge wear. Lightweight, breathable and gentle to skin, it is great for women with sensitive skin. Perfect for hot weather. This is the same material used for Baa Baa Sheepz infant clothes!

  • Material: 95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex (Certified Eco-Friendly Fabric) 
  • Luxuriously soft, made from super soft bamboo fibers.
  • No pesticides or chemicals used so that it is safe for baby and environmentally friendly
  • Hypoallergenic, non-itchy, great for babies with sensitive skin 
  • Anti-bacterial property that prevents odors
  • Breathable material that does not stick to skin
  • Comfortable for days and nights, in cold and warm climates - 2-3 degrees colder in hot weather and warmer in cold weather
  • 5% spandex gives it a slight stretchiness, giving baby a more snug, secure and relaxed feeling
  • Bamboo fiber is sustainable, environmentally friendly
  • Resistant material that is easy to care for - dries quickly and no need for ironing
  • 100% biodegradable.

Why Bamboo? 

  • Luxuriously soft, made from super soft bamboo fibres. It’s kind to the environment and baby’s skin as no pesticides or chemicals have been used and is hypo allergenic too.
  • Comfortable (It is warm in winter and cool in summer). It has been proven by multiple studies that the comfortable material does help to improve the quality of baby’s sleep. Baa Baa Sheepz® bamboo fibres stay 2-3 degrees colder in hot weather and warmer in cold weather.
  • Anti-bacterials, terrific for baby with sensitive skin, it is ecological and not itchy.
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly, and easy to care for.
  • Breathable, It doesn’t stick to the skin. It leaks UV rays.
  • Its natural bactericide action keeps bad smells away.
  • It avoids allergies as it is ecological and not itchy.
  • It dries quickly and doesn’t need to be ironed.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Ecological and healthy alternative to synthetic fabric.
  • Very resistant, it lasts long.


  • Certified Eco-Friendly Fabric 
  • 95% Bamboo 
  • 5% Spandex 

Washing Instructions

  • Machine wash cold
  • Shape clothing while it is wet - Tumble dry low - Do not bleach 
  • Do not dry clean 
  • Do not iron 

Award-Winning Bamboo Wear! 

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